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Montpellier: Europe’s spotlight for rural development

Feb 19, 2023 | GRANULAR, News

From 1st to 3rd February 2023, the GRANULAR project held its first General Assembly at the premises of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier (CIHEAM), in Montpellier, France. The meeting was the first opportunity for GRANULAR partners to meet in person and discuss progress and activities occurred during the first six months of the project.

Six months passed since the project’s kicked off

The kick-off of the GRANULAR project took place online in October 2023. Six months later, the project has already progressed on some of its activities. For instance, the project’s strategy for communication has been outlined, in parallel with the launch of its web landing page and social media networks.

The GRANULAR partners has also discussed on the project’s contribution to the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas and the EU Rural Observatory, as well as about the GRANULAR Rural Compass. The project’s Rural Compass is supposed to be a dynamic tool and one of the main outcome of the project. It will allow to understand all characteristics of specific rural areas in order to cover the diversity of rural areas

Field visit to the french living lab

During the meeting, GRANULAR partners had also the opportunity to visit the French Living Lab, organised by the Pays Pyrénées Méditerranée. The meeting consisted of different stops to hear from rural stakeholders the trends and needs in terms of indicators related to health, outdoor activities, mobility, environment and agro-ecology.

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