GRANULAR will develop different tools to shed light on the multiple dimensions of rurality from a multi-spatial lens.

Among these, you will find:

Digital platform

Providing access to rural data at different levels of granularity and detail.
GRANULAR will develop new datasets to characterize rural areas. Hence, our Digital Platform will be an online interface to give open access to these datasets. The Digital Platform is designed in particular for local actors located in rural areas, such as community groups, decision-makers, policymakers and citizens, but not only.

Our Digital Platform will continue to grow and evolve until the end of the project. New datasets will be linked and added by our team.

Rural proofing mechanisms

Assessing policies at multiple levels with respect to the needs of rural territories.
Rural proofing is the process of reviewing policies from through a rural lens and to make these policies fit for purpose for rural communities. GRANULAR will develop a methodology and toolkit to guide the implementation of rural proofing. These work will be built on the framework set by our Rural Compass, as well as take inspiration on other existing rural proofing toolkits in Europe and beyond.
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Rural compass

Unpacking rural diversity to guide public action across different sectors and dimensions of rural life.
The Rural Compass is a tool aimed at orientating and providing policy direction, going from policy design in rural areas to policy monitoring and evaluation. To this end, our Rural Compass will be conceived as a multi-dimensional set of indicators and trends. The assessment of rural areas against those indicators and trends will be used to map and assess rural communities and their functional characteristics.

Our Rural Compass is designed to be used by different levels and types of expertise, from scientific to technical and so on. In addition, our Compass is based on other grounded examples such as the European Digital Compass and the Rural Compass for education in Australia.

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Briefs, reports and analyses

Providing in-depth assessment and understanding on the interrelations between rural areas and specific topics (climate, resilience, food, well-being, policies, rural proofing)
GRANULAR will produce new datasets, indicators and tools to drive place and evidence-based decision-making in rural areas. A big chunk of our work will be to analyse, assess and explain to others the outcomes of what we have produced and learned with other rural actors.
To this end, we will produce policy briefs, thematic reports and analyses on a number of key topics for rural areas. Some of the topics will be addressed are environmental resilience and climate hazards in rural areas, socio-economic cohesion, rural attractiveness and perceptions.
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