1-2 June 2023



SHERPA Final conference

SHERPA Final Conference will take place on 1-2 June 2023, at the European Committee of the Regions, Brussels (Belgium).

Since October 2019, SHERPA has worked on formulating recommendations for the future of rural areas in a variety of key topics. SHERPA has also accompanied the development of the EU Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas with the ambition to contribute to future rural policies.

The SHERPA Final Conference will provide the final opportunity to look back at the work done and identify, by using a co-creative participatory approach, the main SHERPA recommendations, as well as reflect on the methodology of using Science-Society-Policy interfaces. This will be facilitated by gathering members of all its 41 Science-Society-Policy interfaces in Brussels, which will also allow them to interact with each other directly and jointly decide the final messages of the project.