8 May 2024



MOVING EU MAP webinar | Towards a Policy Roadmap for vibrant mountain economies

A few weeks are left to the European Parliament’s elections and the set-up of the discussions for a proposal of the post-2027 EU policies. The last MOVING EU MAP webinar “Towards a Policy Roadmap for Vibrant Mountain Economies”, organised online on 8 May 2024, from 10.00 AM-12:00 PM (CET), takes place in this crucial moment to reflect on the future of EU policymaking and its priorities.

This webinar will contribute to raising the voice of >900 mountain actors consulted by the MOVING project, and they need to better integrate mountains in the EU political agenda. During the event, key experts will provide an overview of trends and proposals likely to govern the post-2027 policy developments in the EU’s mountain areas.